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Estate Manager

This an amazing opportunity to work with a kind and generous family, we have placed staff with them in the past, they are a particularly wonderful employer.

Please note: we kindly request that you review the requirements closely before you reach out to us! Thank you in advance for understanding that we will not be able to reply to candidates who do not meet these requirements. This is a national search.

Target Start Date: Early September

The Estate Manager (EM) is the top-level executive position in a collection of family properties that employs a wide array of full-time staff, part-time staff, and contractors/vendors. The EM reports directly to the Owner and is responsible for working directly with the Owner to plan and execute the overall management and maintenance of the estate’s properties. The EM will be required to oversee the various properties’ staff on all levels. EM will be expected to coordinate plans and services with numerous internal and external contacts, including Owner’s family members & guests, family office group & client services, property staff, contractors, vendors, brokers, consultants, and counsel as needed.

The EM role exists to minimize the time burden to Owners of procuring, developing, and managing a growing portfolio of family properties, which may include one or more major projects at any time. The Owners’ ultimate objective is to be able to enjoy their family properties with minimal Owner time spent on administrative and management details.

The properties include:

  • Primary residence, Washington, D.C.
  • Future primary residence currently under construction, Washington D.C.
  • Vacation homes in CA, MT, ME

This is a fulltime position and requires flexibility for additional days, weekends and longer hours as mutually agreed. The EM will report to work at an estate office close to the primary residence. The EM will also travel to visit each property on a periodic basis and more frequently, as special projects require.


General Management

  • Maintain strict confidentiality regarding Owners, family members, guests and properties. Respect Owner, family and guest privacy.
  • Conduct business in a professional and courteous manner
  • Manage each property in compliance with all governmental laws, ordinances and regulations. Comply with the requirements of any insurance policy, HOA, mortgage, loan or other agreement entered into by the Owner with respect to each property.
  • Manage and supervise each property and related personnel in accordance with policies and procedures.
  • Stay abreast of local developments and maintain good relationships with local community, neighbors, HOAs, vendors, consultants, contractors, businesses, regulatory agencies, etc.
  • Conduct regular communications as needed with Owners.
  • Conduct regular communications with property personnel.
  • General Staff Administration
  • Audit timesheets and expense reports of household staff across all properties and maintain their personnel files.
  • Manage staff recruitment and hiring
  • Oversee and conduct performance reviews
  • Coordinate and lead staff meetings as needed
  • Property Administration


  • For the owner’s primary residence, the EM will act as property manager.
  • For the owner’s secondary residences, the EM will oversee and manage the activities of that residence’s local property manager.
  • For all properties, handle matters related to each property in accordance with the Owners requirements.


  • Serve as the Owner’s primary point of contact for any management issue across all properties.
  • Coordinate services of all property staff including employed or contracted housekeepers, groundskeepers, and pool maintenance.
  • Regularly inspect the Primary Residence property. Assess conditions and maintain the physical needs and operations to the high standards expected by the Owners.
  • Periodically Inspect secondary properties as needed. Maintain regular communications with local house managers, HOA services, contractors and others to stay up to date on maintenance requirements and other issues.
  • Develop a comprehensive schedule of all maintenance requirements for all properties and implement, manage, delegate and supervise all maintenance and repair work as required.
  • Provide a monthly Property Maintenance & Repair Report to Owner for each property. The report shall indicate work planned, work in progress and work recently completed. EM to correspond with Owner regarding work items to be included or omitted.
  • Provide emails with property updates and pertinent information to Owner as necessary.
  • Assist with and seek out plans to reduce operating expenses when possible.
  • Preserve or increase the value of each property by managing all improvements and identifying and completing appropriate enhancements as determined or directed.
  • Maintain each property in marketable condition and assist with sales when required.
  • Security, Safety and Environmental Compliance
  • Maintain security systems and all protocols. Respond to alarm notifications and emergency requirements.
  • Notify Owners of any emergency issues.
  • Maintain fire prevention systems, extinguishers and fire fuel management requirements 
  • Notify Owners of any unsafe or hazardous conditions and repair or maintain as required
  • Maintain compliance with all OSHA and public/worker safety requirements.
  • Maintain compliance with applicable environmental regulations.
  • Work directly with Owner’s personal security detail as required.
  • Project Management
  • Engage consultants, engineers, architects, contractors and vendors as required for work at each property.
  • Obtain proposals and estimates from qualified vendors/contractors to complete required work requirements.
  • Prepare maintenance and repair contracts and sign on Owner’s behalf under POA when necessary. Update or replace existing written or verbal maintenance agreements as necessary.
  • Work with Client Services Financial Manager to maintain a monthly summary of water, electricity, gas and/or propane at each property.
  • Obtain insurance certificates, with required additional insured endorsements, for all vendors/contractors.
  • Manage all work in compliance with contracts, codes, zoning and regulatory agencies.
  • Provide construction management assistance for remodels and new construction as requested.
  • Maintain quality control and ensure that work is completed in a professional manner to the satisfaction of the Owner.

 Hospitality Services

  • Client Services Financial Manager to make arrangements for all family/guest visits to the properties including scheduling, house manager notifications, pre and post cleanings, groceries, concierge requirements and other special needs. Client Services shall immediately notify EM of all scheduled traveled dates.
  • On occasion, EM to collaborate with Owner’s Personal Assistant on plans for household entertaining, particularly for any large events requiring temporary installation of event infrastructure (tents, lighting, etc.) on property.
  • EM to schedule all repairs and maintenance to avoid work during Owner, family and guest visits when possible.
  • EM to notify Owners, family and guests of safety issues, problem conditions or work in progress prior to visits.


  • At least 15 years of property management experience, ideally in high-end residential operations and maintenance. That experience should include:
  • At least 10 years of staff personnel, contractor and vendor management.
  • At least 5 years of residential construction project management experience.
  • Operational knowledge of residential building systems and components, utility systems, landscape and hardscape.
  • Sound knowledge of real estate transactional procedures, including marketing and sales.
  • A college BS or BA degree.
  • Must have excellent oral and written communications skills.
  • Must have references that demonstrate commitment, reliability, discretion and productivity.
  • Must be a team player with excellent leadership and delegation skills.
  • Must be able to take instructions as given but must also be proactive and able to work individually, often with little or no supervision.
  • Must have an affinity for details and be capable of synthesizing details succinctly.
  • Successfully complete an in-depth background investigation, including a cyber / social media risk evaluation.


  • Have intermediate to advanced skills in Microsoft Office suite. Additional familiarity with project management software is desirable.
  • An understanding of contracts, leases and insurance, and an ability to collaborate with Owners’ attorneys, insurers, and family office / financial managers.
  • General Building and/or Engineering Contractor, LEED AP and ICC Combination Inspector licenses/accreditation are desirable.
  • Ability to read and follow instructions for equipment and materials.
  • Understanding of OSHA health and safety requirements.
  • Knowledge of governing agency regulations, building codes, insurance requirements and construction methods. Ability to read and follow company policies, procedures and agreements.
  • Must have valid drivers license, with an excellent driving record. Must have own personal vehicle that can be used for back-and-forth between the estate office and the Owner’s primary residence.


The EM will be required to inspect numerous buildings and facilities. The EM will be required to travel, be outdoors in all weather conditions, and occasionally access difficult to reach or crawl areas. The EM may be required to walk or stand for long periods. The EM must work with staff and contractors under a variety of conditions and circumstances. Some lifting and minor repair work may be necessary. The EM must be comfortable dealing with pests, wildlife, and domestic pets.


The EM will report directly to the Owner. The EM will work regularly from an estate staff office close to the Owner’s primary residence. All office and necessary telecommuting equipment will be provided. The EM will be in the field as required for meetings, inspections and management of the properties and projects. The work may include all types of weather, terrain and indoor and outdoor environments.




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