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Estate Manager

The Estate Manager is the top-level executive position in a collection of family properties that employs a wide array of full-time staff, part-time staff, and contractors/vendors. The EM reports directly to the Owner and is responsible for working directly with the Owner to plan and execute the overall management and maintenance of the estate’s properties. The EM will be required to oversee the various properties’ staff on all levels. EM will be expected to coordinate plans and services with numerous internal and external contacts, including Owner’s family members & guests, family office group & client services, property staff, contractors, vendors, brokers, consultants, and counsel as needed.

The EM role exists to minimize the time burden to Owners of procuring, developing, and managing a growing portfolio of family properties, which may include one or more major projects at any time. The Owners’ ultimate objective is to be able to enjoy their family properties with minimal Owner time spent on administrative and management details.

The properties include:

  • Primary residence, Washington, D.C.
  • Future primary residence currently under construction, Washington D.C.
  • Vacation homes in CA, MT, ME

This is a fulltime position and requires flexibility for additional days, weekends and longer hours as mutually agreed. The EM will report to work at an estate office close to the primary residence. The EM will also travel to visit each property on a periodic basis and more frequently, as special projects require.


The EM will report directly to the Owner. The EM will work regularly from an estate staff office close to the Owner’s primary residence. All office and necessary telecommuting equipment will be provided. The EM will be in the field as required for meetings, inspections and management of the properties and projects. The work may include all types of weather, terrain and indoor and outdoor environments.


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