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Palo Alto Personal Chef

  • Part-Time
  • Two Days A Week-(Client can be flexible with exact days/times each week)
  • Occasional Dinner Parties

Family of four in Palo Alto is seeking a gifted and passionate chef to prepare meals for them twice a week. Applicants should be local and have experience working in a private residence. The usual schedule will be two weekday shifts per week with occasional dinner parties on weekends. All food will be prepared in the family’s kitchen and left  to be reheated/served later. Once or twice a month the chef will be asked to plan and execute multi-course, formal, dinner parties.

Position Overview:

The successful candidate will be responsible for preparing food two days a week for the immediate family and frequent houseguests. The client would also like the chef to cook dishes to leave in the fridge for the following days. They like to eat simply and healthfully and enjoy a variety of cuisines-Indian, Asian, Mediterranean, California, etc…Several family members are strict vegetarians, generally speaking, no red meat is served in their home. Gluten-free cooking experience preferred.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Creating menus for family meals/dinner parties
  • Grocery shopping for all food items
  • Leave healthy snacks in the refrigerator
  • Prepare food for following days/weekend
  • Organize and manage the kitchen/food pantry
  • Kitchen sanitation

Applicant Requirements:

  • Must be discreet, organized, and sensitive to client’s needs
  • Submit weekly menus to client for approval
  • Experience cooking Indian cuisines preferred!
  • Must have at least 2 years of luxury restaurant AND in-home cooking experience
  • Longevity in past positions
  • Able to work legally in the United States
  • Must be able to pass an in-depth background investigation
  • Should be able to gracefully accept constructive criticism
  • Must be able to willingly accommodate needs of the family


  • Hourly-Excellent DOE


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