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Private Educator

Our client in Presidio Heights, San Francisco, has an urgent need for a highly-skilled, health-minded, Governess to join their childcare team!

This is an exciting opportunity for nannies who enjoy working with busy families! The children are 8,7, & 5. Candidates should be mature, physically fit, and comfortable keeping up with three very energetic kids!


PLEASE NOTE: The family is currently living in Sonoma, the position will be based in Sonoma for the foreseeable future. The nanny who is hired will be able to live on the property during the SIP period(in a private guest room-or guest house). Can also be a live-out position; the family will pay for mileage from the candidate’s home to their Sonoma home.


ALSO: The family is open to TEMPORARY or LONG-TERM employment scenarios.


Work Schedule: (While family is living in Sonoma)

  • Monday 7:00/8:00am-7:00/8:00pm
  • Tuesday 7:00/8:00am-7:00/8:00pm
  • Wednesday 7:00/8:00am-7:00/8:00pm          
  • Thursday 7:00/8:00am-7:00/8:00pm    
  • Friday Off         
  • Saturday Off 
  • Sunday Off

Typical Work Schedule: (When family returns to San Francisco)

  • Monday Off
  • Tuesday Off
  • Wednesday 7:00am-6:00pm           
  • Thursday 7:00am-2:30pm         
  • Friday 7:00am-2:30pm         
  • Saturday 8:30am-10:30am    
  • Sunday Off

PLEASE NOTE: Every few months, or as needed, the nanny who is hired will be required to switch to the following work schedule:


  • Monday 7:00am-6:00pm               
  • Tuesday 7:00am-6:00pm             
  • Wednesday 9:30am-7:30pm        
  • Thursday 10:30am-6:30pm     
  • Friday Off
  • Saturday Off
  • Sunday Off



  • Make breakfast for the children according to daily menu, or offer healthy alternative choices, get them to eat, discuss day ahead. 
  • Pack lunch/snacks/water bottle for school; do breakfast dishes, clean counter, chairs, floor, check that backpacks have everything they need for the day. 
  • Check-in with parent, usually mom, to figure out driving schedule for day’s activities. 
  • Facilitate brushing teeth, washing face, making bed, getting dressed, doing hair, applying sunscreen, potty. 
  • Keep kids on track to get them all ready and out the door on time. Get them to focus on their job of getting ready for school before playing and without being distracted or fighting with each other. 
  • Drive for school drop-offs (if parents are not available.) 
  • School pick-ups, drive to various after school activities. 
  • Unpack lunches & backpacks, make sure nothing is left in them that shouldn’t be, and clean 
  • them for the next day 
  • Supervise homework time and assist when needed or notify parents of where there is need for additional help. 
  • Supervision at home- playtime, quiet time, snacks, play dates, park, cleanup. Keep children occupied while parents have commitments such as work. 
  • Dinner time routine- wash hands, eat dinner, offer alternatives if they dislike the prepared dinner meal, encourage table manners, and healthy habits. 
  • Potty, bath/shower, teeth brush, lotion, pjs, ready for reading with parents and/or nannies. 
  • Cleanup dinner dishes, counter, chairs, floor, kitchen, family room, make sure everything is ready for the morning. 
  • On the weekend, make great efforts to involve more time at parks, outings, play dates, activities depend a lot on which home we are at. While the children are in school: 
  • Organize kids’ bedrooms (drawers, closets, toys, bookshelves, etc.), make (fix) beds, change sheets (every Thursday, duvets e/o Thursday), organize playroom, family room drawers, mudroom shoes, swim bags, etc. 
  • Grocery shopping, occasional errands, organizational projects, order supplies, preparations for trips, or upcoming events, whatever comes up! 
  • Take inventory of necessities such as: Items like pull-ups, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, vitamins, sippy cups if they break or we need more, sunscreen, etc. 
  • Read articles sent by parents on child development re: ideas/theories/strategies for better handling kids’ behaviors, respond to work related emails, keep on top of changes in kids’ daily schedules/activities, move car to avoid parking tickets 
  • Research kids’ activities and events to present to parents. 
  • Research and develop age-appropriate educational and developmental activities for the children. 
  • Lite housekeeping duties, mainly pertaining to the children. 

Addition to daily responsibilities: 


At the end of each shift, please send out a brief email to the other nannies (cc’ing mom ).

• PURPOSE: A quick check-in about the shift. Anything out of the ordinary that happens and, if not, briefly state any changes taking place such as food preferences, behavior, and ideas) 


Ideal candidate will have presence with the children: 

Keeping the children from- fighting with each other, helping the children find courteous and respectful ways to communicate with one another and others, particularly when there are disagreements. The ideal candidate will have a calming presence and will partner with the parents to help their children thrive. 


  • Excellent Hourly Rate
  • Great Benefits (for long-term position)


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