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Tim G.

Please describe the position you are looking for to the potential employer:
Ideally, I am looking to utilize my experiences in executive protection and related security services for an executive and his/her family. With over 15 years’ experience, I believe my professional attributes combined with my easy going personality allow me to do the job quite thoroughly while maintaining a calm demeanor in, at times, very stressful environments.

Tell the potential employer about any special interests or skills that you may have:
Raised in a small town in Vermont, I grew up with strong values and manners and a strong work ethic. Having the opportunity to receive extensive training in a variety of tactics including escape & evasive driving, rescue swimming, and advanced First responder medicine, I feel the diversity in the professional field of executive protection skills I’ve learned and maintained place me in a very unique position. Additionally, I am a certified personal trainer and former competitive boxer, placing me in another position to assist a client with health benefits and motivation if desired.

Tell the potential employer what makes you a great candidate, why should our clients consider you for employment:
I communicate effectively and efficiently, do so in a polite manner and work very easily with others. Capable and eager to help out in any capacity when I see that I can help within a household or while traveling. Regarding travel, I have a great deal of experience and can assist with many aspects of traveling to make a trip more manageable so that the client can focus on what he or she needs to.

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