Marin County, Peninsula, South Bay


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  • Live-In
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  • English - Fluent
  • French-Fluent
  • Italian (Fluent)
  • Spanish - Basic

Estate Manager

Dana R.

Knowing that I am of service to others fulfills me, which is why I enjoy working as a personal assistant. I am perfectly capable and happy to take charge of a project, but I also like to be part of a team. This flexibility is essential to success in the world of personal service and administration, and I stay flexible because I love the kind of work I do and want to be the best at it that I can.

I bring added skills to the workplace. As a student and teacher of languages, I developed fluency in Italian and French and a fair command of Spanish. I lived in both France and Italy and learned as much as I could about the cultures, their histories, architecture, and people.

My organizational techniques include keeping a daily written journal as well as an online calendar, spreadsheets, and documents. As an avid reader, I value words and take pride in using them correctly. I designate places for things and return things to their places as soon as possible. It is the only way to ensure I can find things again. I check, double check and include as many details as possible to notes, itineraries, appointments, and memos.

In my work life I have made presentations to university department heads and washed dessert plates at an employer’s dinner party. I have taught classes to 150 people and driven opera singers to doctors’ appointments. I wrote a 200-page dissertation for my Ph.D. in Romance Languages and kept numerous employers’ calendars. I can create a PowerPoint presentation and just as easily roll up my sleeves to move the office furniture.

The soft skills I bring to the position are a friendly demeanor, a willingness to take instruction, gatekeeping, and intellectual curiosity.

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