East Bay, Marin County, Peninsula, San Francisco


  • Full-Time
  • Live-In
  • Live-Out


  • English - Fluent
  • Portuguese - Fluent
  • Spanish-Fluent



Please describe the position you are looking for to the potential employer: Driver/Chauffeur

Tell the potential employer about any special interests or skills that you may have:  As a former lawyer in my country, I learned that in all we have, we need to have respect and determination. I like challenges. I try to be always available to help. I’m here to serve and fulfill my duties for a client.

Tell the potential employer what makes you a great candidate, why should our clients consider you for employment: I am responsible, good driver and an educated person. I know how to deal well with people. I’m extremely punctual, cordial and pay attention to small details. Being organized is one of my greatest strengths.


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