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  • English - Fluent



* Please describe the position you are looking for to the potential employer. I am looking for a position that involves travel, challenges, and opportunity for growth. The challenges can be as little as a finicky eater to as large as major life changes, I truly enjoy and want to help a family through all the little and big moments in life.

* Tell the potential employer about any special interests or skills that you may have. I love art and culture. Families I have worked with, I’ve encouraged the children and their parents to appreciate and sample the amazing world around them.

* Tell the potential employer what makes you a great candidate, why should our clients consider you for employment. I have been a long-term Nanny for two fabulous families. From premature twins in the Bay Area to a loving family in Wisconsin. I have given all encompassing care for 25 mental health clients and their families. With my diverse background I can handle any situation that arises. I am the well rounded and flexible Nanny you’ve been looking for.

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